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Incredibly Prime Arlington, TX Real Estate and Historic Masonic Mansion Headed to the Bank - Eastern Star Home, 1111 E. Division Street

The Eastern Star Home located at 1111 E. Division Street holds a deep, rich history in Arlington.  Constructed in 1924, the, at the time, sprawling estate was intended to be a home for citizens within the Eastern Star Organization of Texas, a Masonic and charitable organization seen as a way of life.  With 3 additions to the residential manor within the next 30 years, it was almost like a city held within a structure.  A kitchen, a dining room, various living quarters, and even a hospital unit were all once located in the large home.   Today, the 28.5 acres encompassing the manor are rarely mowed and upkeep of the structure has declined.  The appraisal of the historic estate has fluctuated from $3.5 million in 2008 to $11.8 million in 2009 to $7.6 million in 2010.  We have recently learned that the 7,308 sq. foot Masonic Mansion and grounds is being transferred to the Bank.

The Eastern Star Home, also referred to as the Order of the Eastern Star Retirement Home, is owned by South of the Stadium, LLC, and appropriately so.  The property is due south of the Dallas Cowboys stadium at 1111 E. Division Street.  Best of luck to the owners of this historic property.

Photo via University of North Texas

Photo via CardCow.com

You can still see the outline of a star in the middle of the circle driveway

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