Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Dallas' Halloween Mystery: Is White Rock Lake Haunted by "The Lady of the Lake"?

It's time, yet again, for Halloween.  What a perfect time to write about a reported haunting at Dallas' own White Rock Lake.  Story time!

It's a story with an early 20th century beginning.  In the 1920s, an accident occurred at Garland Road and E. Lawther when a car flew off the road and into the lake.  The driver, a woman in her 20s, did not survive the incident.  Many have speculated that the woman was angry due to an argument at a fancy boat party on White Rock Lake.  She then sped off and left in her expensive car, crashing it shortly thereafter in the Lake.  No one heard or saw the fatal accident.  Today, residents, passer-bys, and drivers have encountered what they call "The Lady of the Lake."  She is described as wearing a pearly white 1920s dinner dress and soaking wet due to the accident.  Some residents who live on White Rock Lake have been visited by a woman matching that description asking to use a phone.  By the time the resident retrieves a phone, the woman is gone and leaves behind a puddle of water on the front porch.  Passer-bys have reported seeing a 20 year old woman in a wet, white dress walking along the shoreline of the Lake.  Probably the most eerie encounters of the Lake of the Lake have been the accounts by drivers.  These drivers reportedly pick up a 20 year old woman in a soaking wet dress hitchhiking.  She asks the driver to take her to a residence on Gaston Avenue, a street southeast of the Lake.  Upon reaching the destination, the woman has vanished leaving behind a puddle of water and a wet back seat.

Do you have chills on the back of your neck?  It would be interesting to see if any of our readers have encountered experiences with this mysterious Lady of the Lake.  Comment below if you have!

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What Demands Are Place On Your Living Room?

living room is not a work space unlike a kitchen or a home office or even a
bathroom, yet it has more diverse demands placed upon it than any other room in
the house.  For one person, it could be
enjoying a drink with friends; for another, it could be curling up with a good
book. It is the most unrestricted of family spaces, yet it must have a warmth
and intimacy to calm and soothe the

Rustic Home in Spain

Good morning to you, lovelies! I'd like to thank you so much for your comments and e-mails letting me know your likes and dislikes. They mean a lot to me and make me feel that the time I spend looking for material for my posts is well worth it. Thanks again!

On to today's tour. This two-level house used to be part of a large farmhouse. Its rustic bones with terracota floors and ceiling, and great combination of old and contemporary pieces make it a warm and interesting home.

All images from here.

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Celebrity Rooms - Aerin Lauder

The Celebrity Rooms this week is about a woman whose style I admire greatly. 
First, because she is the heir granddaughter of the world's most important cosmetics lady, Estee Lauder (most important, because if you do not know as well as having been a visionary in her time and have built a great empire, she was the pioneer responsible for the existence of 'samples' in this market). Returning to Aerin - Second, because the style inherited from grandmother, and third because she has two beautiful homes in Manhattan and the Hampton's. These images are from the home in New York and I am simply in love with this dressing room!


O Celebrity Rooms desta semana é sobre uma senhora cujo estilo admiro imenso. 
Primeiro porque é a neta herdeira da Senhora mais importante do mundo da cosmética, Estée Lauder (mais importante, porque caso não saibam para além de ter sido uma visionária no seu tempo e ter construído um grande império, foi ela a pioneira responsável pela existência das 'amostras' neste mercado). Voltando à Aerin - Segundo porque herdou o estilo da avó e Terceiro porque tem 2 casas lindas em Manhattan e nos Hamptons. Estas imagens são da casa de Nova York e estou simplesmente apaixonada por este quarto de vestir!

This one from the Hamptons House

I like her classic sophisticated yet contemporary style. Very New York, I think.
What do you think?

Gosto do estilo Clássico Sofisticado mas contemporâneo. Muito Nova York!
O que é que acham?

Images Via; ELLE Decor, Moses Berkson Photography

Restored Home in Normandy

Enjoying your Sunday, my friends? Let's jump over to France. Nathalie and her husband Dominique restored this traditional house located in the village of Bec-Hellouin, in Normandy. Rustic, simple and inviting.

0 Une maison traditionnelle normande

1 jardin d'une maison traditionnelle normande

2 salon d'une maison normande traditionnelle

3 la décoration d'une maison traditionnelle normande

4 La décoration de la véranda d'une maison normande traditionnelle

5 La décoration d'une maison normande traditionnelle

6 Entrée de la cuisine d'une maison normande traditionnelle

7 Cuisine style brocante d'une maison normande traditionnelle

8 Cuisine style brocante d'une maison normande traditionnelle

9 Table très nature d'une maison normande traditionnelle

10 Etage d'une maison normande traditionnelle à la déco charmante et authentique

11 Décoration de chambre d'une maison normande traditionnelle

14 Applique déco d'une maison normande traditionnelle

12 Décoration chambre d'enfant d'une maison normande traditionnelle

13 Coin lecture et décoration d'une maison normande traditionnelle

15 Salle de bains d'une maison normande traditionnelle

16 Jardin d'une maison normande traditionnelle

Photography by Jean-Pierre Forget.
All images from here.

Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Nautical Style in Spain

Hard to believe this house was close to ruins. Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán was in charge of its restoration. On the rugged coastline of Costa Brava with priviliged views of the Mediterranean, each room reflects its nautical location.

All images from here.