Jumat, 30 September 2011

16,000 Sq. Foot Mediterranean Estate on Lake Travis in Austin, TX

Check out this 16,336 sq. foot Mediterranean/Spanish inspired estate constructed on the waters of Lake Travis in Austin.  Owned by a computer software executive, the sprawling peninsula estate features 2 pools, pool cabana with verandas, tennis court, 6 car garage with motor court, porte cochere, circle driveway, private gate, and end of cul-de-sac location on Water Front Ave.  It is appraised around $6.7 million.

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Serene West Lake Hills, TX Residence Overlooking the Austin Skyline

Built in 2009, this stunning West Lakes Hills, Texas residence is located just northwest of Austin at 444 Cortona Cove.  The 6,766 sq. foot abode features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.  The stone lined brick driveway veers under a porte cochere and around to the 3 car garage.  Tucked away in a Hill County meadow, the natural trees and rolling hills create a perfect atmosphere for a home of this style.  Panoramic views of the meadow side include a picturesque view of downtown Austin to the southeast.  The outdoor features include a balcony and veranda overlooking the pool/spa.  An outdoor garden is also seen down below from the back pool area.  It's listed for $2,850,000.

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Rabu, 28 September 2011

Renovated Mill in France

Good morning my friends! I will be taking a short holiday today and I'll be back on Wednesday next week. I might post once or twice but, you know, as I'll be in Rio de Janeiro I'll have to go to the beach (poor me!).

It took Noël et Rozenn Bernasconi four years to renovate this seventeenth century mill, located in the south of France. It was quite a challenge as it had been vacant for several years and was in a sorry state. Let's enjoy the tour together!







To preserve the history of the mill, Noël has retained and enhanced the original features, such as the grinding wheel, which is the starting point for the new staircase. A glass pane covers the mechanism, preserved below.





Photography by Christophe Rouffio.
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Selasa, 27 September 2011

Texas-Sized Spanish Retreat - The Oak Crest Ranch near Eastland, TX

Breathtaking views of the Texas countryside greet guests at the gate of this Texas Sized Spanish Retreat near Eastland, TX.  It's the Oak Crest Ranch, a 400 acre property including a 12,000 sq. foot Spanish styled residence. The main home features an immaculate open floor plan with custom made amenities from top to bottom.  The dining room, great room, and "TV viewing" room all make up the master entertainment center.  The ranch is depicted through an array of windows also featured in the master entertainment center.  The upstairs features a loft design with 2 separate "rooms" on each side of the second floor serving as the library, all open to the master entertainment room.  The master bedroom and bathroom were constructed as 1 large open room.  2 additional bedrooms are also featured.  The office suite is perfect for a second home work space or another entertainment room; it is conveniently located in its own suite apart from the main home.  2 circle driveways lead up to the front entrance of the house and to the northern office suite.  Another driveway veers to the southern motor court and 5 car garage.  A variety of gardens embody the residential exterior of the home and compliment its Spanish design.  An equipment building and stable are also featured on the ranch totaling nearly 7,000 sq. feet of livestock space.

Oak Crest Ranch is definitely a contender in the second home real estate market of Texas.  The location is perfect for Metroplex buyers, but isn't known to be that "spice" of Texas like the Hill Country.  The large and very open floor plan is appealing in some parts of the home, but can also serve as a disadvantage; for example, the openness of the master bedroom and bathroom may be unappealing to potential buyers.  Nonetheless, a Spanish masterpiece in the quiet meadows of Texas.

The price tag: $10,000,000

Here's the Realtor's Website

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Senin, 26 September 2011

Summer House in Spain

Hello my dear friends. Welcome back! Today's house tour takes us to Spain. A combination of classic, elegant and rustic styles for a relaxed and welcoming home.

Hope you enjoyed today's tour. Let me know!
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Minggu, 25 September 2011

One of Houston's Largest Residences - 34,000 Sq. Feet at 12 W. Rivercrest Drive

According to the HarrisCAD records, this nearly 34,000 sq. foot Mediterranean monster was just built between 2008 and 2010.  Featuring 2 elevators and 18 total rooms, the estate is personally gated with a driveway leading right under the front porte cochere.  Totaling 33,911 sq. feet, this residence belongs to Ali Davari who is the President of D. Houston, Inc. also known as "Treasures", a sexually oriented business (SOB).

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Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Most Beautiful House 2011 Finalist

This Swiss home in Blaker, is the fifth and last finalist in Bolig magazine contest Most Beautiful House 2011. Built in 1877, it was restored by the owner's granddaughter, Tone.

Old Swiss house

His sister joined them in

Bright rooms

Have cleaned up for years

Handmade kitchen drawers

Painted in the night

Will never finished decorating

Memories of grandfather's time

Latest finalist in the most beautiful homes
I know this is a copy of the second photograph but I just wanted you to meet Tone.
I will surely be posting the other 4 finalist's homes.

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Thanks to those who've commented or emailed regarding places to see whilst in Singapore. 
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Million Dollar Decorator - Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Based : Los Angeles
Studied : This very successful interior designer to the stars never actually studied interior design, he is self trained. Love that!
Interesting : Has an impressive celebrity client list including Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne, Cheryl Tiegs, Cher, Elton John, Eva Mendes and Tamara Mellon.
Design Style :  Sophisticated, comfortable, eclectic and in any and all periods.

Why he loves what he does :
"It’s the freedom to be creative every day. To be lucky enough to do a job I adore, to interact with fascinating people on a daily basis and to shop the world for the most beautiful objects. Truly, I am so fulfilled and lucky that the universe has blessed me with the talent and is allowing me to live my dreams"

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